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About History In2 Art
In 2011, History In2 Art incorporated as a 501c3 not-for-profit educational company whose mission is to inspire and excite the interest of students and the general public in reading and learning about history and literature. We design and fabricate museum-quality 1/6-scale dioramas that depict important scenes from history and from classic literature. Our aim is to partner with schools, libraries and museums to provide dioramas to support curriculum or exhibit-specific learning objectives.

Attention to detail and historical accuracy is most important to founders, Katherine E. Boarman and Eve Walton. Photographs of some of our past and present work can be seen on our Photo Gallery page .

Founders Katherine E. Boarman and Eve Walton at Frederick County Public Library with our diorama commemorating John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry. (left)
Founders Katerine E. Boarman and Eve Walton at Urbana Middle School with Social Studies teacher Ellen Georgi with our diorama depicting life in a Medieval Village. (above)